My LV Wish List of November 2009

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Cute & Easy

Falling in love with this, lovely and easy.
I found it at  http://www.pinn.co.th/

Cute (^___^)


Traditional Thai Living

Sometime, I really want to escape from my serious job "lawyer", but how to?

I heard about this place many times but I never think about it. Until eary this year I discussed to discover a peace place which not far from Bangkok . Then, I went to RoseGarden (but in Thailand we called Suan Sam Pran).
"With 70 acres of manicured gardens, river, lake, elephant enclosures and farm spaces, it’s what makes The Rose Garden the perfect escape from Bangkok"

I , my husband and my sweet kid really really love it. We plan to visit it again within this year ^^ wow!!!


Palace Vimanmek

Today I discuss to re-visit my blog again Hopefully, I will up-date it every week :P
This pic is the world's largest golden teakwood mansion.
And yes, it is in Thailand, we called " Phra Theenang Vimanmek"

I used to see Vimanmek only 2 times. Its very very very beautiful and great.
If possible I really want to see it everyday~

More information visit http://www.vimanmek.com

If you come to Thailand, you have to visit Vimanmek : )